What I Read Today;

Genesis 1-3; Psalm 1; Matthew 1; Romans 1

God’s plan of creation has hit a snag.  Adam and Eve have given in to temptation and now sit cowering in the garden of Eden.  Their attempt to clothe themselves with fig leaves has left them looking completely ridiculous.  Now they sit, hiding from God, their guilt-ridden consciences condemning them.

It’s what many of us do, isn’t it?

We fail, we fall, we sin, and then we hide.  We hide in the darkness, the things we wish had never happened.  We run from the thoughts of those we’ve hurt.  We live with the guilt and shame of our pasts.

Our guilt keeps us from turning to God.  Satan whispers in our ear that God could never forgive us.  He points out every failure and failing that we have.  Satan tells us that God doesn’t really love us.  How could he love sinners like us?

Yet, in Genesis 3, we don’t see our God abandoning Adam and Eve.  Instead, we see God seeking them out.  He calls them out of the shadows and into the light.  Yes, there are consequences for our actions.  But there is also forgiveness and mercy.

God replaces the ill-fated effort Adam and Eve took at clothing themselves by giving them new clothes.  He banishes Satan to a life of slinking around in the shadows. Most importantly, he tells Adam and Eve that God will provide a Savior to clean up the mess they’ve made.

There will be forgiveness and mercy.  There will be hope. Because our God will never leave us cowering in the darkness.

We only have to listen to his voice and turn to him to see him standing there with his arms wide open!

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