What I Read Today;

1 Thessalonians 4; Acts 27; Malachi 3; Deuteronomy 33

Paul is sailing for Rome.  He knows that God has a plan for him to preach to the Emporer and to proclaim the City in Europe’s capital city.  Yet, he has no idea how difficult the road is going to be.

Satan isn’t going to give up easily.  He’s going to do everything in his power to make Paul turn back.  To make him quit.

Paul is about to enter into the storm.

In our lives, God gives us things to do.  He whispers in our ear.  The minute we begin to obey, that is when Satan opens fire.  He knows he can’t defeat God himself.  So he makes an effort to overcome God’s followers.

It’s in that storm that we find out who we really are.  We find out that we have no choice but to rely on God.  We realize that we don’t have the strength or ability that we thought we had.

Yet, God is faithful.  He walks with us through the storms.  He opens up a way for us to get to our objective.  If we will only trust in him.

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