What I Read Today;

1 Thessalonians 1; Acts 21-22; Zechariah 11-12; Song of Songs 7-8; Deuteronomy 30

Paul has found himself in another predicament.  He’s about to be interrogated by the Romans after the riot in Jerusalem.  As they stretch him out and prepare to the whip for him, he informs his interrogator that he is a Roman citizen.

Roman citizens had rights.  They could not be treated in the way that Paul is about to be treated.  Once Paul invokes his rights as a citizen of Rome, the interrogation is over before it starts.  His interrogators leave the room in fear because they know they have broken Roman law.

Unlike Paul, our accuser is Satan.

He pours into our consciences, attacking at every memory of everything we’ve ever done wrong.  He likes to bring up the people we’ve hurt.  He loves to dangle our failures and fears in front of us.  Satan especially loves to tell us that for our sin, there must be a price.  That price must be paid by someone.

Unlike Paul, who never faced the punishment that day, we also are stretched out on a Rack waiting for punishment.  But as the sentence was to be carried out, Jesus came and untied and lifted us off the Rack.  He then laid down in our place and took our punishment.  He did it out of love for you and me.

Now when Satan comes and whispers all those things into your ear, you can simply tell him, the blood of Jesus has cleansed me from my sins.

When that happens, Satan will run and hide like the coward he is.

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