What I Read Today;

Colossians 1; Acts 15-16; Zechariah 5-6; Song of Songs 4; Esther 8 Deuteronomy 27

Well, it’s Christmas Eve.  All the shopping is done now.  The gifts have been purchased, the travel arrangements are made, and the stress is mostly starting to move away.  The waiting for Christmas morning is underway.

Tonight many of us will go to candlelight worship services and sing the old Christmas Hymns.

We celebrate looking back at the time of Jesus Birth.  In Zechariah, the Jewish people were given a glimpse of what would happen in the future.  A picture of the one who would come and rebuild the temple, bear royal honor, sit on a throne and branch out into the world.

A picture of the coming Messiah Jesus who would wash away the sins of the world.

The day is coming when Jesus will come and finally take the throne.  A day is coming when Jesus will welcome all who believe in him into our heavenly home.

Tonight we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Tomorrow we begin looking forward to his coming again!

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