What I Read Today;

Philippians 3; Acts 11-12; Zechariah 1-2; Song of Songs 2; Esther 6; Deuteronomy 25

Paul’s description of the Christian life in Philippians 3 vs. 12-16 is not one most people would recognize.

We don’t talk much about spiritual growth.

Think about your life at work.  On the first day of your job, you likely didn’t know a lot about what the company did, or the required procedures. You spent that first day filling out paperwork, maybe reviewing safety protocols, and finishing up other required training.  If there was time remaining, you got to meet your supervisor and then go out and see the area you’d be working in.

Your first day on the job, you’d probably be paired with an experienced worker who would show you the way he did the job.  That person might be with you for a few days or even weeks until he signed off that you knew the job.

Once you were on your own, you probably still needed considerable help.  You probably thought that you were driving people crazy with all the questions you’d ask.  Then a problem would pop up that you didn’t know how to handle.  After the initial panic, you’d call your supervisor for help.

But as time went on, and you became more comfortable, you called for help, less and less.  Until one day, your supervisor asks you to train the next person.

Funny thing is that is how our spiritual growth is supposed to work.  We become new believers.  We’re afraid to talk about Jesus with other people out of fear that we don’t know anything.  But as we attend new member classes and study and read and attend church, things become more familiar.  We begin to understand what Grace is.  We find out that Jesus died for us, and we are now justified in God’s eyes.  If we continue to study and grow, someone eventually may tap us on the shoulder to help out with some job in the church.

Sadly, this is where the sanctification ends with some people. They never got any further than this.

But if we follow Paul’s example and “press on to make it my own,” we will continue to spend time in prayer and in Bible Study.   Slowly, we will grow in our knowledge of God.  Eventually, we will become comfortable talking about our faith with others.  Maybe, someone will tap you on the shoulder and ask you to teach.

Regardless of how much responsibility you are asked to take on within the church, your spiritual life requires that we put in the time to grow and learn. Our relationship with Jesus can only flower if we continue to water it with his Word and Prayer.

Sanctification is not a passive endeavor.  It is an active pursuit of Jesus Christ!

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