What I Read Today;

Ephesians 6; Acts 5-6; Habakkuk 3 & Zephaniah 1; Ecclesiastes 11; Esther 3; Deuteronomy 22

It’s easy to have faith when things are going well.  Following God, when everything is sunshine and rainbows, is a simple task.  We give God credit for our blessings and then merrily head onto the next big thing in life.

What do we when things don’t go well?  What happens to our relationship with God when things are taken away?

Do we blame God in those moments?  Will we withdraw from our faith at negative times?  Or do we search for some underlying sin that a judgemental God is punishing us for?  Maybe you are like Captain Dan from Forest Gump?  Remember him?  The one who sat in the crow’s nest of Forrest’s boat screaming at God through the storm.  Is that you?

It’s in the moments of our toughest trials that our faith is tested the most severely.  When you lose a loved one, a job, or simply fail at something miserably, it’s in those moments that faith becomes so important.  Yet, it is precisely that moment when we are in the most desperate need of our Saviors love.

In the book of Habakkuk, the prophet has just finished a prophesy that ends in bloodshed and pain for the nation of Israel.  A warning that things are about to get ugly.  Yet in the last three verses, he tells the people not to lose their faith in God.  He says them to hold on to the hope that they have in God’s grace and mercy.

In the severest trials of my life, it has been my faith that has kept me moving forward.  The idea that God is with me, and no matter what the struggle, he will help me through the difficult days and moments.  Even those moments when I didn’t deserve the help, he has been there.

Holding on to the grace of God instead of running from it, separate those who have faith from those who do not.

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