What I Read Today;

Ephesians 4; Acts 1-2; Nahum 2-3; Ecclesiastes 9; Esther 1; Deuteronomy 20

I bought a new cell phone recently.  It’s a nice phone, but it is extremely complicated.  I was staying in a hotel room and was trying to set up a wi-fi hot spot.  As I went to the setting, I found that it was disabled for some reason. Over the next hour, I attempted to get my hot spot set up.  I was sent to my carriers web site where it told me I could easily set things up.  It showed me numerous tutorials, told me to download the app, and then the app sent me back to the web site.  There was so much information on how to perform this simple task that I could not find the answers I needed.

As I was reading today, I ran across Ephesians 4 vs. 14.  It strikes me that there is a lot of noise out there today.  You can find every type of teaching.  Anything you want is out there.  The problem is that there is so much teaching out there that it becomes confusing.  We seem to have decided that for something to be good, it has to be complicated.  We have doctrinal statements that run 200 pages.  We have numerous books and research articles.  Our seminaries crank out literature.  All of this leaves us confused.

Paul spends a lot of time disassembling some of the things that were confusing people.  But I think what he’s trying to do is break it down to its purest form.

  1. Focus your life on growing closer to Jesus Christ.  Spend time each day in prayer and scripture.
  2. Let Christ change you from the inside.  Get rid of anything that gets in between you and Jesus.
  3. When you do screw up, rely on the grace that Jesus provides.  Move forward and forget the past.  Don’t give up and don’t despair.  Jesus knows who you are and loves you all the same.
  4. Finally, treat others as you want to be treated.  Jesus died for them just as he died for you.  Love everyone because Christ loves you.

Sometimes we just need to strip life down to the basics.

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