What I Read Today;

Ephesians 3; John 21; Micah 7 & Nahum 1; Ecclesiastes 8; Nehemiah 13; Deuteronomy 19

Micah was a contemporary of Isaiah.  He lived during a time when the people of both Judah and Israel were turning away from God.  The rich were oppressing the poor.  Evil was rampant throughout the two nations.

God’s promises seemed to be lost.

But in Micah 7 vs. 18-20, the last section of the book of Micah, we see that Micah still held firmly to God’s promises.  He firmly believed that in spite of our sins, there was always hope.  God promises not to remain angry forever.  He promises that he will keep his word and stay faithful to his promises.

He will be faithful.  No amount of unfaithfulness by you and eye will stop God from lavishing his grace and mercy on all humanity!

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