What I Read Today;

Ephesians 1; John 19; Micah 3-4; Ecclesiastes 6; Nehemiah 11; Deuteronomy 17

It’s easy for a person who is in a leadership position to become arrogant and dictatorial.  It happens quite frequently.  So God made provisions for the selection of a King.  He had to be one of the people.  The King couldn’t acquire large numbers of possessions such as horses, silver, gold, or wives.  That meant he couldn’t plunder the people to make himself rich.

Most importantly, he was to be given his own personnel copy of the scriptures.  He was to read those scriptures every day of his life.  The King was required to diligently observe what was written in the scriptures.  Through reading them, he was to continue to be reminded that he was accountable to God and that in spite of his position, he was no better than any other human being on this earth.

Note what it says here.

It says the king shall read the scriptures every day of his life and observe them and follow them.

It does not say that the King will listen to them. It does not mean that the King will go to the temple weekly, and here the words of the scriptures from a priest.

No, it says the King himself will read the scriptures every day of his life.

Even in the Old Testament, when only a small portion of the scripture was available, God made it clear that each of us needs to read his Word and treasure the word in our hearts.

The scriptures are God’s gift to us, to help us through each day of our lives.

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