What I Read Today;

Galatians 4; John 16; Obadiah & Jonah 1; Ecclesiastes 3; Nehemiah 8; Deuteronomy 14

The disciples had to be completely confused when Jesus spoke in John 16. Most of them believe that Jesus is about to become King of Israel.  They’ve been taught that the Messiah will remove the Romans from Israel and restore the kingdom.

Yet here, Jesus is telling them that he will soon die.  It had to be terribly confusing.

Yet, even as his resurrection drew closer, Jesus showed his compassion and his concern for the wellbeing of the disciples.

In John 16 vs. 27, he reassures them that God loves them.  This is an assurance that you and I have thanks to Jesus.  Jesus came to open a way for all of us to reach God because God loved each one of us.  That message still means something today for you and me!

Finally, in John 16 vs. 33, Jesus tells us that no matter what the trial or hardship, we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus is with us.  We can know that no matter what they say about us or do to us, we can have peace in knowing that Jesus has conquered sin and death.  Our place in eternity is secured because Jesus has made it secure.

Like the disciples, we need to hear this message over and over again, until Jesus returns and takes us home to be with him.

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