What I Read Today;

Galatians 1; John 13; Amos 4-5; Proverbs 30; Nehemiah 5; Deuteronomy 11

We love to talk about the United States being a “Christian” nation.  While I believe that many in the United States are Christians, I also think that we sometimes don’t understand what that means.  Being a Christian nation means that we should love one another, honor God in all our activities, and take care of the weakest among us.  Unfortunately, our largest companies don’t seem to practice these principals.

In Nehemiah 5, we find that the art of making money ends up taking precedence over loving our neighbors.

It seems that the wealthy nobles from Israel have decided to make a little profit from the rebuilding of the wall.  When I say a small profit, I mean that they are forcing the people who are working to make a choice between selling their children into slavery or starving.  Nehemiah is livid.  He orders that the nobles return all the land they’ve taken, release those in slavery and stop overcharging and charging high-interest rates.

I have a hard time understanding how people could take advantage of one another in a crisis situation.    Then again, we live in a world where we have to have legislation to tell people they can’t double the price of gas during a hurricane or sell cases of bottled water for $50 in the aftermath of a tornado.

While there is nothing wrong with a company making a profit, it is entirely unacceptable for a company to force people to choose life or death.  Eli Lilly posted a profit of 5.1 billion dollars according to their April Earnings report.  They are one of the largest manufacturers of Insulin in the world. Estimates are that it costs them less than $10 to make a vial of insulin.  Yet they charge $377.  If you go to the website https://www.t1international.com/, you will find several stories of people who died because they couldn’t afford the monthly supply of insulin and were forced to ration their supplies.

Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, and HIV are so expensive that many simply cannot afford them.

Maybe our CEO’s should be required to read Nehemiah 5 before making pricing decisions?  Especially the CEO’s who claim to be Christian.

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