What I Read Today;

2 Corinthians 13; John 12; Amos 2-3; Proverbs 29; Nehemiah 4; Deuteronomy 10

In the Bible, that I am currently reading, the section of Deuteronomy 10 verses 12-22 are entitled “The Essence of the Law.”

Moses was trying to explain to the people that the Law of God was not a list of do’s and do not’s.   The real purpose of the Law of God goes deeper than that.

In verse 12, Moses begins by telling the nation that the first thing God wants is for you and me to fear the Lord Your God.  Not fear in the sense of being afraid.  I suppose that fearing God in that way makes some sense.  I mean God could wipe us out if he wanted to, he could cast us into hell if he wanted to.  But I believe Moses wanted us to fear God as the awesome creator of the universe.  A God who is so incredibly magnificent that he could snap his fingers and create a universe like ours.  The one and only God.  The True God.

The second thing Moses points out is that God wants us to walk in his ways.  Not out of a sense of obligation or duty.  Not as a checklist to balance the scales.  But out of that deep reverence for a Holy and Just God.

Thirdly, Moses tells his people to Love God.  We are to love God because he first loved us.  God made a plan to save fallen humanity in the Garden of Eden.  He kept his plan throughout the ages and sent us Jesus to save us from our sins.  Jesus gave us hope when we deserved none.  He reaches out to you and me out of his great love.  Shouldn’t we love him back for all that he’s done for us?

Finally, we are to serve God with all our heart and soul.  God has given you and me every fiber of his being.  He’s laid it all on the line for you and me.  He stepped out of heaven in the form of Jesus to save each one of us.  Shouldn’t we, out of gratitude, spend the rest of our lives seeking him out?  Shouldn’t we out of reverent awe and wonder seek to serve him?  Shouldn’t we want others to know about the great and awesome God that we serve?  There’s a common phrase you hear in sports.  The phrase states that you should leave everything you have on the field.  Every drop of effort should be used by the end of the game.  God is calling on you and me to do the same for him.  No matter how old or young we are, God wants us to do what we can for him.  We don’t do these things as a means of earning our way into his kingdom. Instead, we do these things out of thanks for Jesus making a way for us into his kingdom.

When you think about it, God isn’t asking all that much of us, is he?

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