What I Read Today;

2 Corinthians 12; John 11; Joel 3 & Amos 1; Proverbs 28; Nehemiah 1; Deuteronomy 9

Have you ever heard the statement, “It’s hard to be humble when…..?”  How about this one, “How the mighty have fallen?”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing our own press clippings.  We have success and then start to actually think that we are the ones who are doing the work.  We forget about those who are supporting us in our endeavors and take credit for the work ourselves.

In the kingdom of God, it is no different.

How many times do you hear of a minister talking in glowing terms of the number of altar calls that happened after “he” called people forward?  Does it irritate you sometimes when you hear about the church that loves to tell everyone how many members they have?

It’s as if they honestly believe that the measure of success in the church is based on numbers.  If you pastor a small church, I guess you should just quit now.  God’s obviously not using you.

The truth is that God is using that minister of a small church.  God is using him just as he wants to and exactly where he wants him to be.

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul had grown a bit too big for his britches.  So God humbled him. He gave him a “thorn in his side.”  We don’t know much about what God did to Paul, but we do know it was quite an annoyance.

God doesn’t choose us for our incredible powers of persuasion or our dynamic personality or phenomenal speaking skills.  He chooses us to be vessels of the Holy Spirit through who God will perform miraculous miracles in people’s lives.

Humility before God is required of all of us.  From the Pastor of the 26000 member megachurch to the Bible Study leader of the group of 4.  God is working in someone’s heart, no matter how many people are there.

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