What I Read Today;

2 Corinthians 11; John 10; Joel 1-2; Proverbs 27; Nehemiah 1-2; Deuteronomy 8

I was told once by a Pastor whom I knew that God had a strange way of moving his people to where they were needed.  Nehemiah is in just such a place.  He’s been exiled but somehow winds up a cupbearer to the king.  He has access to information that others don’t have.  When he hears that the temple and city of Jerusalem lie in ruins, he drops to his knees in prayer.  God indeed answered his prayers, and Nehemiah would be sent back to Jerusalem to start the restoration.

God also knew that Nehemiah had the courage to stand alone if necessary.  He could blot out everything that would be said.  All the doubters and haters would come out of the woodwork.  They would do anything they could to stop Nehemiah.  But he had God on his side.  Nehemiah would brush aside the ney-sayers and continue the work that God had called him to.

Today the church has work to do.  Our buildings are empty, the attendance is down, churches are closing, and many are struggling. But God is in our corner.  Rather than cry about the doomsday warnings that fly all around us, push forward in prayer.  Instead of listening to all the naysayers, the church should continue to rebuild by going outside the church walls and seeking the lost.

Nehemiah stands out as an example for us in this day and age.  Move forward, push all the negativity out, and, most importantly, rely on God for strength to continue.

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