What I Read Today;

2 Corinthians 7; John 6; Hosea 7-8; Proverbs 1; Ezra 3-4; Deuteronomy 4

Out of his great love, God created humanity.  His desire was for each of us to have continuous fellowship with God himself!

However, when sin entered the world, that fellowship was broken.

Yet God chose to not give up on us.  Instead, he loved us, like children.  Like every parent, he understands that all of his children will eventually do something disobedient and stupid.  It’s in the very nature of who we are.  Unfortunately, when we do dumb things, there are almost always consequences.

In Deuteronomy 4, God makes a prediction.  God tells the people that they will become complacent, and they will fall away.  The consequences of that will include the nation coming under attack and the end of the country itself.

However, God promises that nothing will separate them from his grace and mercy.  Even in the darkest of places, God will continue to be there for them.  God holds out his hand to all of us.  He tells us to forget about our failures and look forward to a future filled with his blessing and kindness.  Even in those moments we fail, God is still there for you and me.  The same promise that he gave the nation of Israel still stands for you and me today!

As we enter December and prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth, let us remember that Gods’ grace is bountiful.  Gods’ grace is forever!  Gods’ Grace never ends!

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