What I Read Today;

2 Corinthians 6; John 5; Hosea 5-6; Proverbs 21-22; Ezra 1-2; Deuteronomy 3

We tend to focus on silly things. Within the church, we have numerous arguments. We argue about what type of worship we should have. We get mad when the Pastor is wearing a color we don’t like. We turn up our nose at people based on how they are dressed.  We set up internal rules that are supposed to show how much we believe in God.  But rather than showing our belief in God, it usually ends up alienating someone who doesn’t look like us.

In John 5, we see a man who is paralyzed lying on a mat.  Each day his friends would sit him near the pool of water that had some sort of healing powers.  Many who were sick and paralyzed would be placed in these waters for some kind of relief.

As Jesus enters into our picture, he looks compassionately at the man and asks if he wants to be made well.  The man, who doesn’t know Jesus, is confused and asks how he can be healed if he can’t get in the water.    Without skipping a beat, Jesus tells the man to get up and take his mat and go home.  Then Jesus disappears into the crowd.

Is the church thrilled for the blessing the man has received?  Nope.  Enter the nitpickers.  They scold the man by saying, “You’re not supposed to be carrying a mat on the sabbath.”  As if God really takes a day off.

When Jesus later finds the man and reveals himself, he falls at Jesus’ feet in worship.

God is continuously working all around us.  Most of the time, we fail to see the dangers that God protects us from.  That’s how God’s love works.  Even when we don’t acknowledge God, he’s there.  When we do have a moment that we recognize as coming from God, often those who should be celebrating, play the role of Debby Downer.  But you know what happened.  You know that you’ve just had an encounter with the Savior of all the world.  You feel the love that God has given you at that moment.

What an amazing God we serve.  A God, who, in spite of our disobedience, continues to lavish us with His grace and mercy.  That’s true, Grace!

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