What I Read Today;

2 Corinthians 5; John 4; Hosea 3-4; Proverbs 19-20; 2 Chronicles 35-36; Deuteronomy 2

Many people find it difficult to talk about the Gospel to other people. They struggle when they want to find the right words to say.  Jesus gives us an example of how to tell others about the Gospel.

The first thing that Jesus does is find common ground.  Jesus knows that by simply asking a question that the Samaritan woman will be surprised that a Jewish rabbi would even be caught talking to her.

Jesus handles her objections by reiterating that salvation is for all humanity.  He then goes on to tell her that he knows about her past.  In fact, Jesus knows everything that she has ever done.  In spite of that, he is still holding out salvation.

When the woman asks how that can be, since she’s a Samaritan and the Church in Jerusalem says that Samaritans aren’t worthy, Jesus responds that his true worshipers won’t worship in a temple or synagogue.  No, they will worship in spirit and truth.  His true worshipers will be those with a personnel relationship with Jesus.

She does the only thing she can think of.  She runs into town and grabs everyone she can.  They come running to Jesus.  They are all looking for a place to go without condemnation.  The people are seeking a home where they can find healing for their consciences and souls.  They are seeking a place of refuge from the world of rules and requirements.

Jesus forgoes food and water and spends two days with these people in a town that a reputable Jew would not even dare to enter.  But Jesus did.  Jesus offered hope and healing to those in Samaria.  He still offers that grace and mercy today to everyone who can hear his voice.


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