What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 9; Mark 8; Ezekiel 38-39; Psalm 144-145; 2 Chronicles 11-12; Numbers 26

How quickly things change.  In less than 60 years, the nation of Israel had been split in two.  With the northern kingdom of Israel now fully rejecting God’s word, the entire Levitical priesthood has relocated to Judah.  King Rehoboam started out as a follower of God, then fell into idolatry.  His nation was invaded by Egypt, and the was forced to serve Egypt.  He did repent and come back to God.

In less than 60 years, the mighty kingdom of David was just another country.  That happened because the people rejected God.  Yet God kept his promises. He ensured the line of succession would continue all the way to Jesus.  In spite of our lack of faith, God is always faithful.

Christianity has gone through several times of trial.  In our generation, we’ve seen the rise and fall of megachurch Pastors, the decline of mainline protestant churches, and the coming of age of a movement of spiritualism outside of Jesus.

Yet amid all this, God’s promises remain firm.  God promises that he is in control.  God promises that he will watch over us.  God promises us that the Holy Spirit will keep our faith alive.  God promises that if we proclaim his word, he will make sure it fulfills his purpose.  Most importantly, he promises that if we turn to Jesus, we will spend eternity with Jesus.

In our world, things are always changing.  Nations rise and fall, leaders come and go.  But God’s love, God’s faithfulness, and His promises will endure forever!

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