What I Read Today;

1 Corinthians 6; Mark 5; Ezekiel 32-33; Psalm 138-139; 2 Chronicles 5-6; Numbers 23

People have interesting reactions when they find out someone has become a believer in Jesus Christ.

The story of Jesus exorcism of the demoniac in Mark 5 and the people demanding Jesus leave their town is one of my favorites.  It shows how people can react when the Spirit of God works in someone’s life.  Sadly, it isn’t always good.

Recently, Kanye West professed himself to be a Christian.  It is incredible what Jesus Christ can do in a person’s life.  To see someone such as Kanye West now publicly professing Christ should be a real joy for people.  We should be praising God for leading such a public figure to Christ.

Unfortunately, Kanye found out that when you publicly profess Christ, the critics and skeptics will always come next.

Christians and non-Christians alike have a  hard time believing that the Holy Spirit can truly change a person.  For Christians, it’s merely a lack of faith and trust in the Holy Spirit.

It’s our job to praise God for leading people like Kanye to Christ.  We leave the motivations of the person to God to judge.

I’ll just say this.  Welcome to Christ, Kanye.  The journey your facing will be difficult but incredible at the same time!  God’s peace.

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