What I Read Today;

Romans 14; Matthew 25; Ezekiel 17; Psalm 123 & 124; 1 Chronicles 18-19; Numbers 15

In Numbers 15 vs. 37-41, God instructs the people of Israel to tie a blue cord to the fringes of each corner of their garments.  The idea was that as they went through the day, they would see the cords and would constantly be reminded of God’s commands.

So let me ask you a question.  As you go through each day, what reminds you of the grace that Jesus has bought for you?  Do you think about Jesus’ sacrifice?  Do you show mercy to those around you because of what Jesus has done for you?

I challenge you to find some way to remind yourself regularly of what Jesus has done.  Maybe carry a card in your pocket.  Perhaps find a piece of jewelry or a wrist band.  Keep a scripture calendar on your desk. Maybe find a small cross that you can see somewhere near you. Something you can look to throughout the day.

Don’t do it for appearances.  Keep it discreet.  Something only you know about. Your reminder to yourself of what God has done for you.

Let’s each one of us try it next week and see what that does for our outlook on life.  Let’s see if we can find a way to re-focus our day on Jesus.

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