What I Read Today;

Romans 13; Matthew 24; Ezekiel 16; Psalm 121-122; 1 Chronicles 16-17; Numbers 14

Matthew 24 describes a time of war, famine, pain, and anger.  Many times this chapter has been used by some to describe the end of the world.  Throughout the years since Christ’s resurrection, the world has undergone times of turmoil and struggle.  It’s easy to get caught up in the pain of a current period and think that the end is near.

Today, we see turmoil all around us.  Turkey invading Syria to exterminate the Kurdish people.  The Syrian government using chemical weapons on its own people.  The war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.  Terrorist attacks around the world.

Here at home, our political system is in shambles.  Political infighting has taken the place of doing the people’s business.  Our health care system has become a for-profit nightmare for many with chronic diseases.  Social media has become a breeding ground for the kind of speech that is so crude and mean-spirited that just a few years ago, we would not have accepted it.  Now it’s become normal.

Yet, even in times like these, the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 are filled with hope.  Jesus promises that he is here now and will be coming soon.  He is well aware of the situation and promises that his followers can take confidence that he is in control.  The love of our savior outweighs the anger and despair of our society.  Even when it seems that the light of Christ has gone out, he still gives his people the strength and the joy to carry on.  In verse 35, he says that his words will never pass away.

Our job, in times like these, is to continue to hold out the love of Christ.  The one thing that can combat all the hate, anger, and despair, is the love of Jesus Christ.  People need to hear about the savior of the world. They need to know about Jesus, who stepped out of heaven to pay the debt of sin for each one of us.  The same Jesus who now wants to give us a relationship with him.  The Jesus who waits with open arms for mankind to turn back to him.

Our joy remains because Jesus lives!

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