What I Read Today;

Romans 12; Matthew 23; Ezekiel 15; Psalm 118 & 120; 1 Chronicles 14-15; Numbers 13

What does God want from us? Does he want our money? Does he want our worship? Maybe he wants our church attendance? How about our work in various committees? Helping the poor? Spreading the Gospel? Our obedience to the commandments of God?

All of these things are wonderful on the surface. But that’s not really what God wants. In Romans 12:1 Paul tells us that God wants our entire being. Our hearts, minds and souls completely devoted to God. He wants our thoughts to be centered around God.

Our world makes that very difficult. So many things are pulling at our being every day. Our jobs, our families, even our volunteer activities. Making things even more difficult we have so many possibilities for entertainment that we end up wasting our time on things that harm our relationship with God rather than help it.

God’s not asking us to give up things we enjoy. He’s simply asking us to focus our minds on doing things that please him and giving our hearts to Jesus in worship at all times.

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