What I Read Today;

Romans 11; Matthew 22; Ezekiel 14; Psalm 116-117; 1 Chronicles 12-13; Numbers 12

Our faith does not come from membership in a church.  Many believe that we check off boxes to complete the tasks that are required for salvation.  Here’s the problem, faith is deeply personnel.  It’s a belief that you and I have in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation.  It has nothing to do with belonging to a church, even though that’s an important aspect of our spiritual growth.

In Ezekiel 14, the people of Israel and Judah have fallen into a trap.  They’ve come to believe that because they are descendants of Abraham and because they go to the temple, that somehow those deeds require God to accept them.

But God warns the people through the prophet Ezekiel that he sees inside of our hearts.  He knows that the people have placed many things above God.   While they attend church regularly, they leave with God’s word, not affecting them.  It doesn’t change them. There is no relationship with God.

It’s easy to fall into this trap.  We get caught up in the things happening around us, and quickly we find ourselves falling further and further from Jesus.  That’s why we need to continually remind ourselves that Christ comes first.  We have to stop and spend time with him.  Seeking out his will for our lives.

The world around us can overwhelm us.  We need to keep God in front of our minds and continuously be on the lookout for anything that is getting in the way of our relationship with God.

It takes time with God to hold back the tide of the world from drowning us.

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