Romans 9; Matthew 20; Ezekiel 12; Psalm 112-113; 1 Chronicles 5-9; Numbers 10

We live in an age of gloom and doom.  Our newscasts are filled with bad news.  They run 24/7, telling us that the earth will end in 12 years, our politicians are corrupt, our health care system is failing, terrorism is at our doorstep, and violent crime is everywhere.

The bad news never seems to end, does it?

However, Psalm 113 reminds me to always praise our God.  No matter what we are going through

He helps us through our mistakes, and he cares for us in our time of need.  He watches over the sick and needy, and he protects us in times of trial. Our God is always watching over the earth with his loving arms surrounding each one of us.

No matter what chaos is happening, God is in control of each and every situation.

Because we have faith in a gracious and loving God, we always have hope!

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