What I Read Today;

Romans 7; Matthew 18; Ezekiel 10; Psalm 108-109; 1 Chronicles 1-2; Numbers 8

In Romans 7, Paul discusses the struggle we have between the Law and the Gospel.  It’s the conflict that keeps many people away from the church.  Most people in their inner being know that they are not living their lives the way that God would have them live.  In our inner being, we understand that we are not worthy of being in the presence of a Holy God.

In verses, 14-23 Paul discusses that struggle.  We know what we should do, but we fail to do it.  Each one of us has had many of those moments.  We say something we shouldn’t know or don’t say something we should say.

That guilt that lives in us can ultimately swallow us up and turn us into bitter and angry people who seek to justify themselves in other people’s eyes.  That guilt drives a wedge between God and us.

In verse 24, Paul asks the question, “who will save me?”

Jesus will save you.  That’s what he came to do.  He gave his life to expunge our guilt and shame.  If we will just lay our pride down, put our sin to the back of our minds, and turn to Jesus, we can experience the loving grace of Jesus.

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