What I Read Today;

Romans 6; Matthew 17; Ezekiel 9; Psalm 106-107; 2 Kings 23-25; Numbers 7

How do you feel when we see the sin that permeates our society?  Does it bother you?  Does it worry you?

It’s a serious question with serious consequences.

Romans 6 makes it clear that as Christians, we are to present ourselves to God and seek holiness in our lives.  Paul shows us that we now have a choice.  We can serve God, or we can serve our carnal minds.  But we can’t do both.

That battle we wage with sin will be a lifelong battle.  It will never end, and we will never be perfect this side of Heaven.  But it’s a battle we must fight.

The problem is that our society has decided to take things that are Sinful and declare that they aren’t sinful.  We can see this with divorce, abortion, sexual sins, violence, anger, and gossip.  Not only do we not condemn sin, but we also approve it.

So what do we do?

Funny thing is, that while I was reading in Ezekiel 9, I caught a glimpse of what God actually expects of us.  In chapter 9, God sends out two angels.  The first to mark those who “sigh and groan” over the sin that is being committed.  The second angel is to move through the city, wiping out everyone who doesn’t have that mark on them.

Sin should remain utterly sinful in our minds.  We can’t accept or tolerate the things that this society wishes us to accept because it’s easy.  God promises that those who are faithful and follow Christ will spend eternity with God in heaven.


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