What I Read Today;

Romans 4; Matthew 15; Ezekiel 7; Psalm 102-103; 2 Kings 19-20; Numbers 5

God has given us the gift of free will.  He will not force anyone to love him or to worship and serve him.  He could have created us like mindless robots, to mouth his praises coldly, but that’s not what God wants.  He wants worshippers who love him completely and totally.

However, that means we have a choice.  We can follow God, or we can follow something else.  That also means that the consequences of our actions are our responsibility.  If we steal, lie, or commit adultery, then we pay the penalties for our actions both in this life and potentially in the next.  If we deny that God exists and go our own way, then we face the judgment of God, not the grace of God when he returns.

In Ezekiel 7, we hear the prophet warning that time is quickly running out on the Jewish people.  God’s time of grace is coming to an end.  He warns that when the time is up, disaster will strike.  There will be severe pain for all who have rejected God.

It is no different for us today.  God holds out his hands to all of us.  But if we continue to reject God and turn away from him, then we face the consequences of our actions.

If you hear his voice today, do not reject him.  Turn towards him, and he will heal your soul!

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