What I Read Today;

Romans 2; Matthew 13; Ezekiel 5; Psalm 98-99; 2 Kings 15-16; Numbers 3

Have you ever known someone who has an immaculate yard? When we lived in Colorado, I knew several people who would spend a ton of time and money, making sure that their yard was immaculate.  They would water every day, put out weed and seed to make sure there wasn’t even a hint of dandelions, and aerate their lawn every fall.  Boy, their lawn looked great.  I don’t go to quite that extreme. If I can keep it mowed, I’m generally happy.  But every spring, I would get a bag of weed and seed for the front yard and put it into my spreader and adjust the spreader to put out just enough to keep the dandelions at bay.

Every now and then, you will see an utterly brown yard.  That doesn’t mean they didn’t take care of the yard.  In fact, quite the opposite. They spread too much weed and seed and burned the entire lawn.  They killed both the right grass and the weeds.  That’s what happens when you become obsessed with killing weeds.

In Matthew 13:37-43, we read the parable of the weeds.  The Gospel is the seed that grows the disciples of Jesus.  Not everyone who hears the Gospel will respond.  Some who act like they respond to the Gospel, are actually only doing it for show.  Some who don’t ever walk into a church, have responded to the Gospel and we have no idea.

It’s not for us to judge who has or has not responded to the Gospel.  Our job is to be God’s spreader.  We’re to spread the Gospel to every corner and let the Holy Spirit do its work of growing disciples.

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