What I Read Today;

Romans 1; Matthew 12; Ezekiel 4; Psalm 96-97; 2 Kings 13-14; Numbers 2

We live in a day and age of a spiritual vacuum.  We are designed by God to be spiritual by our very nature.  When we move away from the one true God, we will naturally attempt to fill that void with something.

We see a rise in new age religions, eastern mysticism, cults, and humanism.  All of these seek to show mankind as a kind of God.

We also see a rise in religions that seek to place work’s righteousness over the grace of God.  Many of the major religions on the rise will say that if you do this, you will get to heaven.  This places the sinner in a bad place.  Because we know in our hearts that we simply don’t measure up to the laws of a holy God.  We simply can’t measure up to God’s standards, no matter how much we try.

Once we reach frustration at not being able to work our way to God or achieving the spiritual realization of humanism or new age modernism, then we begin to fill the void with things.  Money, sex, power, and our career begin to dominate our lives.  In the end, we will never have enough money, sex will fail to satisfy, our quest for power will fail, and our careers will end, and we will be replaced by someone else.

We will be left with a cold void inside our hearts.

While God could force us to come back to him, he won’t.  He isn’t a spiritual dictator demanding our submission.  He is our loving God who holds out his hands, waiting for us to fall into his arms so that he can love us.

Sadly, many simply won’t allow themselves to stop pulling away and simply be drawn into God’s arms.

We can see the emptiness around us.  We can hear it in the voices of the people we come into contact with each and every day.

Romans 1 is a warning to each one of us.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of denying God’s power in our lives.  It’s easy to focus on the things of the world and our carnal desires.  God knows the temptations of the world are real.  But he also stands with outstretched arms waiting for us to come back to him.

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