What I Read Today;

Revelation 19; Matthew 8; Lamentations 5; Psalm 88-89; 2 Kings 5-6; Leviticus 25

The Northern Kingdom of Israel had been under siege by numerous rivals.  One of their primary opponents was Aram.  Aram was constantly attacking Israel.

So it might seem highly unusual that the commander or of the armies of Aram, Naaman, would be sent by the King of Aram to Israel for help.  Leprosy was an insidious disease.  In all likelihood, Naaman would have to be completely covered and not able to touch anyone because of the infectious nature of the disease.  So the reaction of the King of Israel to a request for mercy like this is not surprising.

But God had another plan.

When Naaman arrived at Elisha’s house, Elisha didn’t even bother to greet him.  He just sent a messenger out and said go bath in the Jordan three times, and you’ll be healed.  Naaman starts to leave, angry at the ridiculous nature of Elisha’s command until a servant convinces him to give it a try.

Then the miracle happens.

God uses ordinary things to make a miracle.

God doesn’t always do the dramatic.  Many times he takes ordinary things in our lives and turns them upside down and creates a miracle.  More often than not, we miss the point of that very miracle.  We get so wrapped up in looking for a dramatic and earth-shattering God intervention that we miss the fact that God used something as simple as water to fix the problem.

When Naaman was healed, he turned around and went back to Elisha and turned his life over to the one true God.  He asked for forgiveness.  God gave him peace.

So when God works small miracles in our lives, do we turn back and thank God?  Are you waiting for an extreme God moment when all around you, God is working quietly in small ways that you aren’t even noticing?

Think about it!

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