What I Read Today;

Revelation 15; Matthew 4; Lamentations 1; Psalm 80-81; 1 Kings 19-20; Leviticus 21

Matthew begins the story of Jesus’ ministry with the temptation of Jesus.

After that, Jesus begins by calling people to repentance and offered forgiveness and peace.  In Miriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of Repent is as follows:

“to change one’s mind. transitive verb. 1: to cause to feel regret or contrition. 2: to feel sorrow, regret, or contrition for.” 

Jesus’ first mission was to call people back to God.  He followed John’s simple message and walked through the people offering a new life if they would just turn to him.  He offered the ordinary person peace with God.

The next thing Matthew writes about is the calling of the first disciples.  Jesus wanted to build a team.  He wanted to empower people to take his message to the ends of the world.  Jesus began with two simple fishermen.  Normal working men who he would teach and empower with the ability to change the world.   Not the highly educated.  Not the religious establishment. Ordinary everyday people from all walks of life were chosen by Jesus.

Finally, Jesus knew it wasn’t enough to tell people to repent.  Jesus walked the streets performing acts of mercy.  He healed people and helped them in their day to day lives.  There is a saying in public speaking that goes like this, “they won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.”

We can proclaim God’s love with passion and commitment, but if we don’t show God’s love, then no one will remember a thing.  In Matthew 4, we see Jesus model this to perfection.  We would be wise to do the same.

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