What I Read Today;

Revelation 12; Matthew 1; Jeremiah 50; Psalm 74-75; 1 Kings 13-14; Leviticus 18

We live in an era of anything goes.  People have decided that they can say or do whatever they want, and there are no consequences whatsoever.

Our culture has become so degraded that our consciences no longer even whisper to us anymore when we see something that is morally wrong.

In much of the first five books of the Bible, God lays out what he expects of his people Israel.  Now we have come to understand that there are three parts to the Law of Moses.  There are the laws that governed the land, or political law.  There were the laws that governed the religious life, or ceremonial law.  Finally, there are moral laws that were to govern people internally as well as externally.

Of these laws, only moral laws remain.

Leviticus 18 is a section of scripture that discusses how we are to behave sexually towards one another.  These laws have come to be quite controversial in our day and age of free love, free divorce, and anything goes.

Sadly, we see the terrible consequences of not following these laws.  We witness the broken families and the destruction that has come when people simply throw away their families.

In verses 6 to 18, we see how God intends us to behave with our family members.  In fact, Moses dedicates 40% of this chapter to dealing with family.  When we think about it, that makes perfect sense.  How many families have been destroyed because of rape, incest or affairs with family members?  The destruction that is done to young victims of incest is so horrible that it never really heals.  Affairs between a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law wreck, not one family but two.  Yet we have TV shows that seemingly celebrate the idea of precisely this type of an affair.

While some may wish to focus on verse 22, which deals with Homosexuality, many forget that the majority of the chapter focuses on other forms of sexual behavior, including Bestiality.

Many will also miss the discussion of child sacrifice.  While we no longer sacrifice children on an altar, I wonder if the parallel to abortion might apply here.  Many of our politicians seem hell-bent on ensuring that we can abort children up until the moment of birth and possibly right after birth.

Our society is decaying.  It’s incredible how quickly it’s happening.  It would be wise of all of us to understand that God is patient and loving but that he also does not wait for us forever.

Christians must be in prayer for our nation and our world.

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