What I Read Today;

Revelation 10; Acts 27; Jeremiah 48; Psalm 71; 1 Kings 10; Leviticus 16

The Day of Atonement was meant to be an annual reminder of the sin that continues to plague each one of us throughout our lives.  It was a reminder that we needed peace with God.

The demonstration started with the priest having to make a sin-offering for himself.  Even in his lofty position, the priest needed God’s forgiveness.  He was no different than any of the ordinary people walking the street.  His need for the salvation that only God could provide was as real as the need of any other person.

Two Goats were provided.  One to pay the congregations sin debt and one to carry our sins away into the wilderness to be forgotten forever.

Finally, the high priest would enter the most holy place where he would sprinkle the blood of the goat on the mercy seat and in front of the mercy seat.  This ceremony would provide a symbol of the grace and mercy of our loving God.

The Day of Atonement was designed to show every person that God truly desired to forgive all of our sins and bring us to him in eternity.


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