What I Read Today;

Revelation 9; Acts 26; Jeremiah 47; Psalm 70; 1 Kings 9; Leviticus 15

Revelation is a book that is hard to understand.  It almost reads like Lord of the Rings with its images of dragons, demons, angels, and plagues.  But if you break the Book of Revelation down to its core, it is about God patiently holding his hands out to a broken humanity and humanity rejecting God.

In spite of what God has offered, peace, love, joy, and eternal life, humanity has held onto its idolatry, violence, and self-serving lifestyles.

If you look at any of the so-called news services, you can see this evidenced every day.   Murder, violence, promiscuity, anger, and rage dominate every significant headline.  We decry the behavior of our elected leaders but fail to realize they are just a reflection of who we are.

More and more people fail to see that God is standing at the door of their hearts, waiting for them to respond.

Will you be the one to show them how to open the door?

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