What I Read Today:

3 John & Jude; Acts 17-18; Jeremiah 38-39; Psalm 65; 2 Samuel 24 & 1 Kings 1; Leviticus 10

Jeremiah’s ministry was long and difficult.  Jeremiah cried out against the evil that was all around him.  He took on Kings, Priests, Prophets and the entire population of a nation.  In the end, Jeremiah watched as the nation fell apart all around him.  I wonder if Jeremiah felt as if he had failed.

Taking a stand on biblical truth can be long and difficult.  You may end up fighting against the very church that is supposed to be supporting you.

Martin Luther found that out.  John Huss found that out.  John Wesley found that out.  In the end, each one suffered in various ways because of their belief that God was calling them to challenge the very institutions that they had always known and loved.

We see this playing out in our world today.

If you think that your life will be easy when you declare you are serving Jesus, think again!

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