What I read today;

1 Peter 1-2; Acts 3-4; Jeremiah 24-25; Psalm 58; 2 Samuel 10-11; Leviticus 3

What a difference a few weeks make.  The disciples had gone from hiding to publicly proclaiming the Gospel.

In Acts 4, Peter and John heal a beggar, who had been paralyzed his entire life.  The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing.  But the religious leaders now have a real problem on their hands.  How can these uneducated men be doing this?

Do Peter and John defer to these men?  Nope!  Instead, Peter preaches the Gospel to them!  When told to stop, they refuse.

These are the same men who were hiding just a few weeks ago.  They were threatened with beatings and execution, but they kept on preaching.

Only God can bring about such a change in people.  Only God can take a person cowering in fear and give him the strength to move mountains.

With God’s help, each of us can change our world.  We can see those in need and help.  We can stand up to those who are being unjust.  Most importantly, we can tell our neighbors about the savior of mankind who’s waiting for them with open arms.

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