What I read today:

James 5; Acts 2; Jeremiah 23; Psalm 57; 2 Samuel 9; Leviticus 2

The Jewish nation was about to be removed entirely.  They had utterly forsaken God and his Word.  They were ignoring every principle that was listed in the Torah.  Injustice was everywhere.  Adultery and divorce rates were through the roof.  The people mistreated aliens and foreigners.  They abandoned the widow and the orphan.

To make matters worse, the behavior was being endorsed by those in ministry.

Jeremiah 23 is a cautionary tale for anyone who wishes to go into the ministry.  It’s a warning.  God holds those who are preaching God’s Word to a higher standard.  He says that we need to call out the behaviors that are causing the decay within our society.

That means that we need to call out the adultery and divorce in our society, not ignore it.  We must speak out against a culture that glamorizes violence.  Our ministers need to talk about the greed of our corporations and business owners who price gouge on life-saving medications.  We need to denounce bad political behavior, regardless of which party is responsible.  The church must condemn practices like abortion.  Those in ministry must stand against oppression of any kind and against anyone, Christian or Non-Christian.

The Church is fading today, in spite of our glitzy marketing campaigns, our beautiful buildings, and our flowery sermons.

The Church is fading because we don’t heed the words of Jeremiah 23 vs. 28, “Let the prophet who has a dream tell the dream, but let the one who has my word speak my word faithfully. What has straw in common with wheat? says the Lord.” NRSV

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