What I read today;

James 3; John 21; Jeremiah 21; Psalm 55; 2 Samuel 7; Exodus 40

After a traumatic incident, people tend to throw themselves into familiar things.  Subconsciously, we look for the normal.  It could be TV shows, or books, or friends or maybe even our job.

The disciples are no different.  Each one of them is a human being with the same thoughts and feelings that you and I have.  Now that they have witnessed the death of Jesus and have seen him resurrected, they are on shaky grounds emotionally.  They are confused, sad, glad, and stunned.  So Peter decides to go with an activity he’s done since he was a boy.  He goes fishing.  It’s Peters comfort food.  It’s something he can wrap his arms around and throw himself into.  He doesn’t have to think much.  He can throw down his nets and see what he catches.

It’s in those places that Jesus often injects himself into the middle of our lives.  Jesus comes to us where we are.  He meets us in our safe place and disrupts our lives.  Peter and the six other disciples hadn’t caught a thing when Jesus calls out to them.  Suddenly, the nets are filled with fish, and they realize that Jesus is there.  At that moment, Peter is restored, and the world is put back on its axis.

We like to think of experiences with God as moments where the earth trembles and shakes.  But more often than not, Jesus comes to us in those times when we are in our safe places.  Places where we are most vulnerable. Areas where we are indeed ourselves.  It’s in those intimate moments that Jesus reveals himself to us as our loving king and Savior.

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