What I read today;

James 1; John 19; Jeremiah 19; Psalm 53; 2 Samuel 5; Exodus 38

James is a book that makes people uncomfortable.  We like reading that we are saved by grace through faith in Ephesians.  We love hearing Jesus words, “For God so loved the world……”  But understanding what James says is difficult for most of us to hear.

Why, you ask?

Because he trashes the idea of cheap grace.

When he says in vs. 22, “But be does of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.” James confronts the fact that yes, we are saved entirely by God’s grace through Jesus act of mercy on the cross.  But the fact that we are saved should have an effect on our lives.  It should show itself through acts of kindness and compassion.  It should manifest itself in how we treat our fellow man or woman.

The problem is that for many in our pews today, we hear the words for an hour and then go about our lives as if we heard nothing.

So our you a hearer of God’s word or a doer?  Do people around you know that you are all about Jesus, or would they be surprised to learn that you love Jesus?

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