What I read today;

Hebrews 7; John 12; Jeremiah 12; Psalm 46; 1 Samuel 29; Exodus 31

As life moves on at breakneck speed, I find it harder and harder to devote time to God.  My schedule seems to get crunched in every possible direction.  I now have to get up at 4:30 AM for my daily reading and prayer.  If I miss that, then it gets tougher to make that time later in the day.

As difficult as it is for me, our kids are running at an even more hectic pace than I do.  Running from Soccer games and baseball games, shuttling kids from one house to the next, work pushing priorities on them.  The world just never seems to let up.  Time spent around a dinner table is becoming less and less frequent.

Time spent with God keeps getting pushed further back into the recesses of our lives.

Maybe that’s why God was so insistent on a Sabbath.  God knew that the devil would use the hectic world to drive a wedge in between us and our spiritual lives.  Once worn out by the world, we would be too tired to spend time with God.  In the Sabbath, God was teaching us that we need to take the time each day and especially one day a week and devote that to recharging our spiritual batteries.

Make taking that time each day and once a week a priority!

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