What I read today:

Hebrews 4; John 9; Jeremiah 9; Psalm 43; 1 Samuel 26; Exodus 28

Have you seen all the different Capital One Credit Card commercials?  “What’s in your wallet?” various different actors ask.  It’s a catchy commercial, isn’t it?

In Jeremiah 9 vs. 23-26, God asks a slightly different question.  God asks, “What’s in your heart?”

You see the people of Israel and Judah had become comfortable.  They’d grown lazy spiritually.  They forgot that worship was supposed to be about praising a God who’d done miraculous things for them.  Circumcision was supposed to be a reminder of what God had promised them.  Everything was supposed to be about God’s love and compassion.

Instead, the spiritual life of the Jewish people was turning into a cold checklist of things to do.    Get kid circumcised, check.  Get sacrifice for church on Sunday, check.  Go to worship, check.  On and on it went until it became nothing but a cold exercise.

God wasn’t impressed.

We need to check ourselves.  Is our worship stagnant?  How’s our prayer life?  Do we have a devotional life where we search the scriptures?  Do we attend bible study?  Do we put some real effort into growing in our Christian Faith?  Do we have a place to serve?

If God were to write a tag line for a commercial, I wonder if it would go like this, “What’s in your spiritual life?”

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