What I read today;

Titus 1; John 2; Jeremiah 2; Psalm 36; 1 Samuel 19; Exodus 21

Psalm 36 describes humanity as being full of anger, violence, and all kinds of evil.  Human beings find new ways of sin every day of the week.  We don’t put on the love of God.  We don’t care for our neighbors.  We don’t seek peace.  We are deceitful in every way possible.

Yet in spite of this God’s love is available for all.  We have to choose to accept his love over the worlds hate.  We have to marvel at the incredible grace that he provides for all who turn to him.  Not only does he offer his grace and mercy, but he promises blessings of peace and joy will come when we turn towards God and away from the evil that surrounds us.

We will always be faced with choices.  Choices to do good or choices to do evil.  God stands ready to help us to walk away from the evil in the world around us.

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