What I read today;

2 Timothy 3; Luke 24; Isaiah 66; Psalm 34; 1 Samuel 17; Exodus 19

We’ve all read the story of David and Goliath.  It’s almost mythical in its re-telling.  The giant versus the little guy.  Every time we have an underdog beet an overwhelming favorite, no matter the sporting event, its compared to David and Goliath.  In every aspect of our society, we have the idea of the little guy being victorious over the giant company or evil opponent.

But I think that people genuinely miss the point of the story by just looking at it as the little guy beating the giant.  The only way that David could win this battle was with God’s help.  Tricky maneuvering, skillful legal representation, using his speed over the giant’s size, David’ quick wit, or crafty political tricks would never have been enough to overcome Goliath.

In some ways, David’s childlike faith allowed him to disregard the facts that stood in front of him.  It allowed him to just simply ignore what everyone around him was saying.  When he volunteered to go to battle, the King tried to give David every advantage he could.  Saul gave him armor and a sword.  The type of temporal things that everyone in the world of that time would have thought was necessary.  But again, David’s childlike faith allowed him the courage to throw down the armor of the world and say, “God’s with him, who can be against me.”

David’s defeat of Goliath wasn’t about slingshots, or speed or any of the other things we typically think about when we read this story.

It was about God using someone totally inadequate for the job and using that person to accomplish incredible things.  God does this all the time.  He uses common ordinary people like you and me to change the world.  He takes our trust in him, no matter how small or weak that faith is, and gives us the ability to change the lives around us.

David’s faith was such that he could simply disregard the facts and forever change the kingdom of Israel.

The US Marines may be looking for a few good men, but God’s looking for inadequate people.  Will you be one of them today!

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