What I read today;

2 Timothy 2; Luke 23; Isaiah 65; Psalm 33; 1 Samuel 16; Exodus 18

Social Media was supposed to be the greatest tool of peace ever developed.  People were supposed to be able to connect in a way that allowed us to bypass governments and end dictatorships.  In the Middle East uprisings were watched on social media as governments in Libya and Egypt fell, and Syria teetered on the edge of a meltdown.

But then those very groups using Social Media to attempt to create uprisings, began using it to push ideologies of hate.  Extreme groups led to the rise of ISIL and other groups who committed incredible atrocities and paraded them online for all to see.

Today when I look at social media, I see venom spewed from all sides.  The Christian world is no exception.  From one side, we hear the accusation of hypocrisy.  From the other side, the charge of heresy.

In 2 Timothy 2, Paul lays out how a Christian should behave when confronted with argumentative people.

First, remember that it’s about Jesus Christ, not yourself.  When it’s about Jesus, then it’s impossible to look at a person across from you in anger, or rage.  It means that you must look at the person across from you as a redeemed child of God whom Jesus came to the earth to save.

Second, leave to God the sorting out of those who not following God.  Spread the good news.  Tell people about the love of God.  But in the end, it is God’s job to judge each one of us. That means that we are no better or worse than others. We need to be able to see one another as God sees us.

Finally, we have to pursue righteousness and fell from the quarreling and bickering of the society around us.  People will always find a way to argue and bicker.  That’s what human beings do.  But that’s not going to save one single soul. Instead, we extend the arms of Jesus to a world that is so desperately in need of his healing touch.

Imagine what our world would look like if we followed these simple rules when living our lives!

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