What I read today;

1 Timothy 5; Luke 20; Isaiah 62; Psalm 30; 1 Samuel 13; Exodus 15

Patience is a virtue.  Well, that’s what they tell me anyway.  Sometimes I realize that I have the patience of a three-year-old who sees candy in the shopping cart and won’t stop screaming until he’s eating it.  In fact, whether you call it patience or attention span, our society does not teach patience.  We teach people to go heavily into debt and get all they can for themselves now.  No matter the costs.

In 1 Samuel 13, we see that Saul isn’t very good at waiting either.  He knows Samuel is coming but he panics.  Rather than trusting that Samuel is coming, he jumps the gun and offers the sacrifice that the high priest was supposed to complete.  There are consequences of jumping the gun like that.  Saul’s consequence includes the loss of the line of kings in his name.  Each of us, when we fail to wait for God, end up with troubles.  High interest, large debt, and so on.

Waiting on God is difficult.  Waiting on God’s timing is harder.  Struggling to understand what God is waiting for is even more difficult.

I know one minister who hopped from location to location.  He’d arrive like a whirlwind starting ministry after ministry.  He wanted to build a kingdom to God.  But in each place, he left a burnt our congregation and he would leave in frustration and burn out.  That’s not God’s will.  That’s us trying to shove our will into God’s.  That’s us trying to work in our time, not God’s.

If your feeling burnt out, maybe you’re doing something that God doesn’t want you to do?

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