What I read today;

1 Timothy 2; Luke 17; Isaiah 59; Psalm 27; 1 Samuel 10; Exodus 12

Can you imagine the reaction of Paul’s readers when they heard the words of 1 Timothy 2 vs. 1-4?

Pray for everyone.  The early church had been attacked by the Jewish leadership throughout the Mediterranean world.  Paul had been imprisoned for the first time, the Apostle James was killed by Nero, Stephen murdered by Paul to name just a few things that had happened.

Shortly after this letter was written, sometime around 63 AD, Nero would begin an effort to exterminate Christianity.  Paul, Peter, and many others would be dead.

Yet Paul says clearly that we are to pray for everyone, and he says explicitly to pray for Kings.  He doesn’t say, to pray for good kings.  He says to pray for Kings.

Does that mean we should pray for a leader who openly opposes Christian teachings?  The short answer is, yes!

It’s easy to pray for the loveable people.  It’s easy to lift up a person who is openly trying to follow Christ. But Paul says our attitude should be one of love.  That means that our focus should be on praying that everyone should come to the knowledge of the truth.  In other words, no matter how evil, vial, or anti-christian a person is, God still wants that person to come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ.

May we pray that all men, women, and children will find peace, comfort, and joy in Christ Jesus love, grace, and mercy today!  Amen!

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