What I read today;

1 Thessalonians 3-5; Luke 12; Isaiah 54; Psalm 21-22; 1 Samuel 5; Exodus 7

In Isaiah 54, God proclaims salvation for the exiles and the outcasts.  He knows the failures of his people.  He understands what they’ve done and not done.  Yet in vs. 4, he says “do not fear,” and then he says “do not be discouraged.”

We fear mostly because of our failures.  We worry because we wonder if our past will catch up with us.  But God already knows what’s there.  He knows, and he understands who we are.  But it’s not the past that concerns him.  It’s our future.  And in this chapter, he proclaims that no weapon will ever harm us.  Satan can toss his accusations at us all he wants, but Jesus has done the work of saving us. It is finished and complete.

Jesus frees us to be able to serve God in all his glory.  Not because of our abilities or our talents.  Not as some way to work our way to God.  But out of thanks for his mercy and his grace!

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