What I read today;

Ephesians 5-6 & Philippians 1; Luke 8; Isaiah 50; Psalm 13-14; 1 Samuel 1; Exodus 3

We look for healing in strange places.  Each of us has a black hole inside our soul that we struggle to fill as we walk this earth.

Some of us fill that hole with drugs and alcohol.  We attempt to drown out the pain of life in a drunken haze or a drug-induced coma.  The deeper we go down the rabbit hole, the harder it is to remember how we got there. Eventually, the cure overcomes many, and the search leads to destruction.

Others attempt to fill up on relationships or sexual trists.  While exciting at first, the thrill wears off, leaving the person feeling used and unloved.  Even the most devoted of marriages cannot fill that search for meaning that is greater than ourselves.  Many relationships end in divorce or worse because they become disappointed in the lack of fulfillment.

Then there are the mountain climbers of corporate America.  They seek to climb the corporate ladder.  They fill up on the intoxication of the next promotion and the next pay raise.  Many will tell you that once they reach the top, they are sadly disappointed that it never seemed worth the fight.  Many leave their families, friends, and colleagues in their wake.

There are many other ways in which we seek to fill that hole in our hearts.  The woman in Luke, chapter 8, was seeking healing as well.  She had looked for healing everywhere.  She’d spent all her money and was left empty and distraught.  Finally, she turned to the one place where the cure was possible.  As she quietly reached out for Jesus, he turned back to her.

We were made to worship the creator of the universe.  Jesus beckons each one of us to come to him.  When we’ve run out of places to look, and we turn around, Jesus is standing there with his arms outstretched waiting for us.

It is Jesus who is the one who will fill that hole deep inside our souls.  That emptiness that is making us run from everything and everyone.  That hole that can’t be filled with money, fame, fortune, or sex.  That hole that we can’t make go away with drugs or alcohol.

When we realize we can’t fill it with what the world has to offer, I pray that we turn to Jesus at that moment!  Turn to the only one who can fill our aching desire for something bigger than ourselves.

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