What I read today;

Galatians 2-4; Luke 5; Isaiah 47; Psalm 7-8; Ruth 2; Genesis 47-48

You’ve probably heard the statement “Freedom isn’t Free.”  That is usually referring to the sacrifice that service members have made in keeping the United States a free country.  However, the reality is that we are only a few keystrokes away from losing our freedoms.  People will give up their freedoms if they think that they are in danger.  In Genesis 47 we witness the collapse of freedom in Egypt.  Initially, the people gave up all their money, in exchange for food.  Then they gave up all their possessions.  After this, they handed over the deed to their land.  Finally, they sold their very lives.

When faced with danger, economic disaster or natural disaster human beings will give their entire lives for the feeling of security.  That’s how Hitler rose to power in Germany, Stalin took control in the USSR, Mao took power in China.  In Jesus times it was how Greece went from a democracy to being ruled by Alexander and his father before him.  Rome went from a democracy to being ruled by an empire with the threat of war.

Christianity is freedom as well.  Freedom to not live in fear of hell thanks to Jesus sacrifice.  Freedom not to be shackled by tradition in worship.  Freedom to speak the Gospel no matter what the church says about it.

But we are living in a curious day and age.  Churches are fighting about the mundane.  Some have pulled back behind the walls of their churches and are hiding out.  They fear to deal with other Christians and other groups in our society.  So they’d rather hide.  But Christ calls us to freedom!  Freedom from fear and freedom to rejoice.  Freedom to see Jesus death and resurrection as our shield and great reward.

Those churches that are hiding have allowed fear to distract them.  They’ve allowed fear to prevent them from being who they are.

Fear should never stop us!  Our Savior guarantees that no matter what or where he is with us and will never leave us!

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