What I read today;

Galatians 1; Luke 4; Isaiah 46; Psalm 6; Ruth 1; Genesis 46

People had crept into the Galatian church.  It was a small group at first, but it grew.  They began advocating this idea that you couldn’t be saved unless you were circumcised.  Slowly, it grew until the controversy swept the entire group.  Before you knew it, the idea that Jesus had done all the work for us was washed away, and confusion reigned.

Why would people allow this to happen?

It’s always the same.  You have to look a certain way or act a certain way.  You have to dress a certain way.  Time and again, we have fallen into this trap of adding rules to the Gospel.  We like to compare ourselves with others.  It’s the old, “I may be a sinner, but I’m better than him.”

But it allows doubt to creep into people’s minds.  The subtle destruction of faith begins with the idea that I must do something to ensure I’m saved.  Once that sets in worry follows.

But that’s not the message of the Gospel.

The Gospel is clear.  Jesus did all the work for us.  He saved us by the shedding of His precious blood on the cross.  He did it by living the life we could not live and sacrificing himself for all our sins.

All that is required of you and me is to put our faith and trust in him.  Our lives will change as we surrender to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts.  But the battle is over, and the price has been paid!

We are forgiven children of God!

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